#MorePlusPlease Campaign For Size Diversity

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Premium plus size retailer, Navabi has launched a new campaign called More Plus Please in response to the lack of size diversity from the catwalk to the pages of the leading fashion press.

It follows a New York Fashion Week that saw an absence of plus size models; the leading fashion monthlies carried 40 times more images of the thinner ‘model’ sized women, despite the latter being the majority of the population.

According to Navibi, more than 50% of women are plus size, though they’re rarely seen on our TV screens, the magazines or the catwalk. The fashion media is enforcing a negative mindset for plus size women due to the lack of plus size publicity; being outnumbered and almost excluded increases the insecurities and self hate for these women when they should be embraced and celebrated as much as smaller sized models.

Navabi chief merchant Miriam Lahage commented: “There is no one version of beauty and it’s time the industry reflected this. And we’re not talking just one model in a show or publishing a shoot just once a season in a magazine.”

Not one single model at the two leading specialist plus size model agencies has been booked for LFW, which needs to be challenged amongst other issues. Navabi is committed to raising awareness, celebrating and supporting size diversity and you can too.

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