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Cleo Sol
The gorgeous British singer on fail safe hairstyles, her love for experimenting and her hair being more important to other people.
By Shevelle Rhule. 

It wasn’t like I just woke up one day and was like, “hello curls!”… I really didn’t like it for a long time and just straightened it a lot. I cut it all off really short and that’s when I embraced it from then on. When it grew out, I learned how to manage my hair. 

Sulphate actually dries out my curls… I’m using a sulphate free L’Oreal shampoo and usually when I’m in the shower, I apply a 5-minute mask every single time. I like Curls Unleashed Curl Moisturiser – that’s really good [for my hair].

My hair is not as important [to me] as it is to other people… I bumped into an old school friend recently who was like, “Oh my gosh! Cleo you cut your hair! Why did you cut it? It was so nice and long!” I think sometimes other people care more about your hair than you do yourself. I always think to myself, you know what, when I cut it, it will grow back. That’s God’s gift, isn’t it? I count myself lucky that I’m not too obsessive with my hair.

My hair stylist Carl Campbell does my hair at my house sometimes… I’m not really too fond of going to the hair salon. I’m not the girl who likes to sit down in the chair – I get really agitated if I’m sitting in one position.

I’m always changing my hair and my style… I tend to dye it darker for the end of the year and lighter for the beginning, but sometimes it changes. I just like to have fun with it and experiment.

A top knot is my fail-safe hairstyle… Sometimes I wake up and my hair is just not falling the right way. Usually that’s when I think forget this, I’ll put it in a top knot. 

I try not to use [too much] heat on my hair… because if I’m doing it for 25 years onwards, what’s my hair going to look like in 25 years?

We can have straight hair, we can have curly hair, long hair one day, or short hair… it’s great that we can embrace it all. I think everybody is now finding their look and it’s so much fun to explore!

My hair… my life.

Cleo’s currently treating fans to free downloads of her new tracks via Soundcloud. Visit to check it out.

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