S.E.L Releases Debut ‘UK Soul EP’

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UK songbird S.E.L (Soulful Emma-Louise) has gracefully returned with dreamy vocals in her emotional debut ‘UK Soul EP’ featuring the single Elevation, an uplifting joyous groove with an infectious chorus already established as a popular smash within the Soul II Soul Live sets.

S.E.L wants us to ‘travel through [her] universe’ as she caresses us with her soft, enticing, almost hypnotising vocals. She is definitely a name to watch out for in the UK scene, akin to Corrine-Bailey Rae’s soft and effortless notes you are sure to love her captivating vibe.

S.E.L bySuki-1The four track EP is an exotic treat for soul lovers, with inspiration from Jazz, Reggae, Pop to Classical, Soul, RnB and Blues. She unveils the heart-felt love song I Love You opening with tender piano notes and a rippling blues-inflected riff, she then strips it right back with Make Me High’s minimal & Eastern-fused chants and beats that paint a delicate electronic soundscape of another world. Rounding off the EP is Caramel Dream, a mininmal electronic grown up spoken-word love poem with a nod to FK Twiggs.

S.E.L releases her debut ‘UK Soul EP’ and her single ‘Elevation’ on May 30th 2016.

Listen to Elevation above:

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