The Aliens: E4’s crazy, fun, action packed sci-fi comedy.

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The producers of Misfits have created The Aliens, a crazy, creative and hilarious sci-fi series about Aliens versus Humans starring Michael Socha and Michaela Cole.

You may have the expectation of flying saucers, green bodies and magical super powers but this is far from that and brilliantly so. Writer Fintan Ryan wanted to keep differences minimal so that aliens were as ‘normal’ as possible, bringing you an elevated and innovative outlook on what it would really be like if aliens were to invade our earth and more specifically – Britain.

At E4’s The Aliens launch party, Michaela Cole admitted she’d seen the show almost ten times and absolutely loves it; far better than a plot where aliens are planning to abduct humans for testing, this modernised and inventive storyline is a sci-fi extravaganza.

After aliens crash landed onto earth 40 years ago, they’ve been forced to live a serrated life behind a huge wall called Troy doing menial work. Mild-mannered police guard Lewis suddenly discovers he’s the first ever half alien turning his whole world upside down. The first episode see’s Lewis drawn into Troy with the mission to rescue his sister who owes money to her alien drug dealers. It gets complicated as he finds himself being allured by an Alien gang member Lilyhot (Michaela Cole), whilst getting caught up in dramatic events along the way.

Cole explains her character in Aliens is a very sexy, complex woman which you don’t often see in to, far different from Chewing Gum’s naive and innocent Tracey.  She said she was blown away by the script in particular Dominic’s hilarious character and knew she just wanted to be apart of it, adding “that is mine for breakfast, lunch and dinner”.

The Aliens: Michaela Coel, Michael Socha and Jim Howick

The Aliens: Michaela Coel, Michael Socha and Jim Howick – Channel 4.

What makes The Aliens so brilliant is the profound concepts and extremely clever interpretation of an alien vs humans world, such as the normality of humans using alien hair to smoke as an illegal drug, and what was completely unexpected is the dishwasher tablet aliens use to get high; all of which is unraveled in the first episode. It all seems so unusual at first but it begins to make perfect sense and appears so realistic in their imperfect world they call home.

The whole show removes all elements of scary aliens and replaces it with pure fun in this imaginary world of sin city meets benefit street, with weighty themes such as immigration and segregation alongside the reinterpretation of many issues that we encounter in our world today, with a hilarious twist of course.

Prepare to laugh out loud in this outrageously funny and adventurous epic drama.

The Aliens starts on Tuesday 8th March on E4.

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