Legendary 60s photographer passes away

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Milick Sidibe, famous for his captivating black and white portraits of Malian youths in the 50s-70s has died. Hundreds of mourners paid their respects in the Mali capital to the late photographer.

Some of Sidibe’s life achievements include being the first African to have a solo exhibition at the Grand Palais museum in Paris and his work shown in the Museum of Modern Art New York and The Getty Museum. France’s Culture Minister hailed him as the ‘father of African photography’ and many said he was a great person in the African art community. His work was also very influential to artists like Janet Jackson, who’s award winning music video ‘Got ‘till it’s gone’ was inspired by his photographic style and to singer Inna Modja who was also similarly inspired.

Sidibe died at 80, leaving behind his photographic legacy and his 15 children.

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