TWENTY88 Release ‘Out Of Love’ Short Film

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Big Sean and Jhene Aiko who form TWENTY88 previously launched their new album on Tidal and iTunes creating a massive buzz. Shortly after, a 15-minute short film starring the pair was released on Tidal – yes that place again. Fortunately, the duo have now made the film available for everyone to see by releasing the video on Vevo! Tidal seems to be losing it’s exclusivity – though we’re not complaining of course!

Directed by Lawrence Lamont, the short film titled Out Of Love is set in a futuristic world portraying the on and off relationship of the onscreen couple. Without giving too much away, the film has intimate scenes and features songs from their album including the popular tracks Deja Vu and Selfish.

Watch it for yourself above.

TWENTY88 is available to stream and download on iTunes.

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