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By Janine Bradley, Spa Manager at The Spa at Stanley House (

1. Take a deep breath
Working life is stressful for most due to the nation’s current lifestyle. We’re spending too many hours at work, depriving ourselves of much needed sleep and our social lives are busier than ever before! If you’re feeling overwhelmed at any point in the day, stop what you are doing, take a deep breath and release slowly. Repeat a few times and you’ll feel the tension ease away and a balance and calm in yourself.

2. Massage your temples
Massage is a fantastic way to de-stress. Book in for regular appointments at a spa to unwind and iron out any knots and tension you are holding. If stress is getting to you but you just can’t book in for a treatment, spend a few minutes massaging your temples by your eyes in a circular motion. This de-clouds the mind and brings you peace.

3. Sleep well
Nothing beats stress like a good night’s sleep. Aim to get eight hours uninterrupted per night. To aid with a peaceful night’s sleep, try to switch off all technology an hour prior to snoozing – that means no phones or TV right before bed!

4. Take breaks
Working non-stop with no breaks in a day will send your stress levels through the roof! Sitting at your desk to eat your lunch is not only bad for your desk hygiene – it’s bad for your stress levels and digestion too. Take at least 30 minutes at lunchtime and go for a brisk walk, sit in a park or simply just let you mind snooze.

5. Burn a sweet smelling candle
A relaxing scent can calm, de-stress you and make you feel that bit happier. Try burning a lavender scented candle to leave you relaxed and calm but we don’t suggest doing that at your desk. Leave that for at home of course!

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