New Prime Minster Theresa May

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It’s been nearly a month since UK voters, opted out of the European Union and since Prime Minster David Cameron announced his resignation. On the 24th June, once the EU referendum count was in, David Cameron declared that he would be stepping down in October, as he had vehemently campaigned to Remain. However following speculation as to which Conservative party MP would take over the reigns, it was announced on the 11th of July, Theresa May will be the UK’s new Prime Minister. Now it seems Mr Cameron will lay down his gloves much sooner than expected, and Theresa May, will be moving into number 10 as soon as tomorrow.

It’s been 26 years since the UK has had a female Prime Minster; Theresa May claims to have already planned a ‘bright’ future for the citizens. If Thatcher’s time in government taught us anything it’s that a woman in charge does not mean a fairer more equal society, nor is it necessarily cause to celebrate. Especially as Theresa May succeeds power, rather than having been voted in. Given that May voted to Remain, we’re curious about the justification of having her take Cameron’s place, and anxiously await her plans.

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