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We caught up with the biggest Grime-filled cast, in this summer’s hottest joint ‘The Intent’, the crime-thriller film starring big names such as Dylan Duffus, Krept and Konan and Scorcher and making way for some fresh meat Nathan Hector and SEEJAY100. We spoke with Dylan Duffus, Nathan Hector and SEEJAY100 about their involvement, rise to stardom and the impact The Intent is going to have on us!

So how did you guys get involved with the project?

SEEJAY100: I’ve been working in the Slim [Nicky] for some years, he used to mentor me with music and stuff. Read the script loved it, jumped on board, one of my songs is in the film on the soundtrack as well, so yeah. It’s been a big deal, I’m happy that I’m actually going to be able to go to the cinema, buy a ticket with my friends, eat popcorn and watch myself.


Nathan Hector

Nathan: I got written into the film, the script was done, I think it was Nicky or Femi; one said to the other ‘We need to get Nathan Hector in there we haven’t written him into a scene.’ Just to be part of something where you watched people from when you were young it’s nuts, now I know how certain people in other places feel when they get to do music with people they’ve grown up listening to. It’s sick man and I hope that we keep the momentum going.

Dylan: Slim gave me cut back in 2010 he was doing another film. That got cancelled, and then he gave me a call and said he’s got a next film coming and that’s how it got started.

I feel a lot of people are going to love the movie.

Nathan: This is a cult classic man, how Kidadulthood was for us this is how it’s going to be for the younger generations.

Dylan: It’s real to be part of something so big.

And it does well as a kind of a crime-thriller as well, not just talking about what real life is like out there, but actually as a story, as a thriller film.

Dylan: Yeah like the twist and that like, I said you can’t imagine it now but when you watch the film – oh my gosh I can’t believe it- the twist is crazy!

I think with the film and with Grime music, the culture that it talks about sometimes people criticise it because it’s violent and stuff, but at the same time, it inspires people because you see yourself doing well.

SEEJAY100: You know what it is as well yeah, what I want people to do, is just enjoy the film, see it as a film. It’s a film. I mean you don’t go to watch Tarzan and think you can go swing off the trees? So just watch the film and enjoy the film, it’s a good film, it’s a big deal, watch it support it.

Nathan: Just going back to what you were saying about, I’ve seen a lot of people chatting nonsense on twitter saying ‘there’s a load of rapper’s in the film’, shut up this is business. At the end of the day, you’re going to watch the film, you’ve been complaining you’re going to watch the film and you’re going to like it – it’s annoying.

Screen Shot 2016-08-01 at 14.38.05


SEEJAY100: For all black movie lovers, I like to compare it to like Belly. DMX and Nas they shined through the whole film and they’re rappers. So it hasn’t been done over here and we’re doing it. And look how big the UK scene is right now, why would we not try and do something like that? 100% this is going to go down as a classic.

Nathan: For me it’s all entertainment, it’s all art. If I want to go and host for Krept and Konan or WSTRN, I’ll do that, because it’s entertainment. If they want to act, then they’ll act, it’s simple – there’s no limit to where anyone can take it. I can see certain people complaining ‘you know it’s all about the art.’ Shut up.

The opening scene for the film is very, very powerful. How much do you think that experience runs true for young guys growing up today?

SEEJAY100: It’s very current init, yeah it’s powerful, it’s day-to-day stuff that the youth kind of face. It’s gang culture, violence, you know what I mean.

And obviously you guys managed to escape it to a point where you’re portraying it in a film. So how did you avoid it, how did you get to where you are?

Nathan: I guess it’s just my upbringing man, for me I can not sit here and say I don’t know people who haven’t been in certain predicaments. I’ve been in a lot of predicaments and I’ve always had my mum or my nan, and I’ve been lucky – I’ve been fortunate enough to be raised by a good family. Not a lot of people who are on the roads or who are in certain situations have that, you know what I mean? That’s why I think a lot of people who are not in it don’t understand how lucky they are. I know a lot of people who are in it and are in certain situations and don’t have a mum or a dad or a nan or an uncle, they can turn to; so they turn to what they see on their estate or what they see on the films and they want to be that.

SEEJAY100: That’s their family for them though, sometimes it’s not even the fact whether they want to be – that’s just literally their family for them you know what I mean. It’s bigger than gang culture, its not even down to even neglect or not having people around you.

Screen Shot 2016-08-01 at 14.37.37

Dylan Duffus

Dylan: It’s like not having a support system, it’s the lack of male – father figures, in the black community; so we can’t recover as well – so when these young men try to aspire to be something they go for the actual gang members, the rude boys and the big mans. Because they see them with the big cars, they see them with the big jewels; they see them with the girls. So that’s something for them to aspire to, and that’s the only male role model they see.

What do you feel the message was for this film?

Dylan: The choices you make today, will effect your tomorrow.

SEEJAY100: Don’t get caught up in the mix.

The Intent is out now!



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