Fenty X Puma: Rihanna’s new Line

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Rihanna will be adding a new range at Puma, the queen of footwear will now be doing a collection of sportswear. The ‘Work’ singer took to her instagram account to show off a sneak preview of what’s to come and if you’ve been paying close attention, she’s also  been rocking some rather bespoke puma pieces on tour of recent, which maybe added to her collection! It’s announced that her line will hit the stores September 6th, so get ready because if they sell anything like her footwear, things will be selling out pretty quickly!

22.August.2016 - Chelmsford - UK Rihanna on stage in concert performing live at day 2 of V Festival 2016 in Hylands Park, Chelmsford. BYLINE MUST READ : NO CREDIT ***UK CLIENTS - PICTURES CONTAINING CHILDREN PLEASE PIXELATE FACE PRIOR TO PUBLICATION *** **UK CLIENTS MUST CALL PRIOR TO TV OR ONLINE USAGE PLEASE TELEPHONE   44 208 344 2007 **

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