My Hair My Way. AJ Odudu

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The TV presenter, best known for co-presenting Big Brother’s Bit On The Side, on floating weaves, high maintenance hair and expressing your femininity. By Shevelle Rhule. 

When I have my weave in I usually keep my parting out so I use castor oil on my natural hair before bed every other night… concentrating mainly on the hairline. I find it prevents breakage, which is really important.

I wash my weave every week using L’Oreal shampoo and prior to a weave installation my stylist treats my hair using Mizani… the type of treatment varies depending on what my hair needs. It’s trimmed monthly and I wrap my hair in a headscarf and try not to use too much heat.

I have been going to Radiant Salon and my stylist Tracey Campbell for years… and I love them because they actually take the time to figure out what is best for your natural hair long term whilst incorporating the look that you want.

I remember a terrible weave I had when I first moved to London. I’ve got thick natural hair and it seemed to float above my head…
I should have known better as it was only £20 BUT in my defence, I had seriously never had a weave or knew of them until I moved to London when I was 21. In my small hometown Blackburn, there really wasn’t any information on techniques or products for Afro hair.

There are so many ways you can show different sides to your mood and your personality with just hair alone… and I don’t think that’s just for black women, but for any woman with a strong sense of self.

There’s no secret to a good weave other than buy quality and treat it just like you would your own hair… When it’s time to get a new weave – it’s time to get a new weave. Don’t hold on to hair when it becomes damaged. It just looks awful.

Of course my hair is important to me. I was born with it…

It helps me express my femininity and even my sexuality. If I want to look classy I wear a bun, if I want to look fierce, a high ponytail, curls are fun and playful, sexy hair is voluptuous and if I want to look strong and powerful I unleash my wild, natural Afro.

My hair… is high maintenance but long, strong and fun.

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