Exclusive Interview with Denzel Washington on Fences

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Last weekend, Fences, the much anticipated Academy Award nominated film starring Denzel Washington and Viola Davis was released in some cinemas across the UK. This weekend marks it’s nationwide release, and in anticipation of the UK getting up close and personal with his passion project, Pride spoke to the Director and star of the film, Denzel Washington. 

Fences, is the story of Troy Maxson, a black man in 1950s america. Growing in discontentment with a life forged from limited possibilities Troy seems to take out his anger on those closest to him; his wife Rose, who devoted her life to being a good wife to Troy and his two sons, Raynell the musician and Corey the aspiring football player.

Having played Troy on Broadway, before going on to direct an star in the first ever film adaptation of Fences, he is intimately familiar with the story and shares his unique take on the characters. 


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