Fierce Lips 101

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There are endless options for lips colour and everyone can find their fit! Follow Pro Make up Artist Bolanle Okusanya Feyita expert tips for the perfect pout:


  • Exfoliate and Moisturise: Make sure your lips are well hydrated to begin with, colour will emphasize cracked dry lips.


  • Define: If you prefer a strong outline, map out your preferred lip shape with a lip liner first. Then apply a rich matte shade to emphasize


  • Rock the trends: As well as timeless nudes, reds and oranges are the entire rave this season and there is a shade and texture for everyone!


  • Consider the time of day: A sheerer shade with soft sheen will suit the day better and a more intense, matte one will work better at night.


Formulation What it means
Matte Dry formula that is longwearing
Liquid Creamy or gel formula, easy apply
Gloss Sheer or pigmented, adds sheen
Liner Helps to define and improve hold
Balm Hydrates, soothes and moisturizes



  • Forget your lip shape: Avoid dark shades if you have thin lips, it makes your lips appear even thinner.


  • Think that one colour will do: Most of us have two or more tones on our lips and you may have to mix colours to get the impact needed.


  • Forget your lip liner: ‘Bleeding’ around the lip line can be prevented by going round the colour with a matte concealer in your skin tone. It will also make the definition appear sharper.


  • Create a circus: Piling on lots of other colours on eyes and cheeks will be a distraction for bold lips. Opt for flawless skin as a perfect fit.
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