Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are engaged! The BEST internet reactions…

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In news that’s brought a touch of sunshine to these gloomy days, it’s been revealed that Prince Harry is engaged to American actress, Meghan Markle.

The happy announcement came on Monday morning (27th November), when Clarence House informed the world that Harry, 33, and Meghan, 36, would be getting married, with nuptials planned for spring 2018. 

Though there’d been many whispers that the couple, who have been dating since mid-2016, had marriage on the cards, confirmation of their engagement has set the internet alight with celebration and jokes – and plenty of them have kept our sides hurting all day! 

One of the most satisfying reactions for many black women has been the confirmation of something we *already knew* -that Harry would eventually end up with a black woman… we just knew!

Plenty of people are quite excited that Meghan’s black mother, Doria Radlan, will soon be the mother-in-law of a British royal – and the prominent role she’ll inevitable play in the ceremony:

Some have given their predictions for the big day, along with recommended guests and outfits:

Some had predictions for how the Royals would act at the ceremony…

But wait… does this mean that we’ll all be getting some invitations? *shifty eyes emoji*

However, others are simply hoping that this means we’ll get a bank holiday & TV treats: 

Nice one, folks of the internet!

The couple gave their first appearance not long after the announcement at 2pm on Monday, posing for pictures, and briefly answering questions from reporters.

Harry and Meghan face the public after the big news

Harry confirmed that the proposal was romantic, and that he knew she was the one as soon as they met. CUTE.

Many congratulations to the gorgeous couple!

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