#BlackHogwarts – what Harry Potter would look like with more melanin

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Although it’s nearly been seven years since the last time a film was released (nearly 11 since the final book!), the Harry Potter series still holds a special place in the heart of millions of fans all over the world. 

And over the past day or so, black people on Twitter have been proving once again that they’re the funniest users around by imagining Harry Potter’s world – but with a touch of black internet culture. 

We love it when two things we love come together – and who’d’ve thought social media and Harry Potter would fit together so well? The jokes that have come out of the #BlackHogwarts hashtag have been nothing short of magical. (Get it?) 

Here are some of the best offerings – enjoy!

To start – there have been some fabulous casting decisions: 

The Sorting Hat/Durag – making the tough House choices… 

When Slytherin interacts with the non-magical world:

In Black Hogwarts, spells, potions and magical tools are used in some very imaginative ways: 

However, just like in the real world, stepping on someone’s fresh shoes can land you in serious trouble…

And happily, the ruler of the entire magical universe, J K Rowling, has given her seal of approval, telling one Twitter that not only has she seen the #BlackHogwarts jokes, she’s absolutely loving them:

Black Twitter, keep doing your thing!

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