The Brights Ones

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From dye, to pieces of string – make colour your hair accessory of choice this season.


Photography: Barry Jeffery

Hair: Anne Veck

Make up: Ewa Pietra

Hair Assistants: Michelle Mhlanga & Jowita Przybylo

Sponsor: Revlon Professional


Bright Lite

Brighten up your day by applying strands of vivid hair to already coloured tresses. Then simply curl hair with a medium sized barrel tong and pull off the face.


Colour Me Bad

On mid length hair apply a deep purple hue and add streaks of colour from blue to green to red. Finish by cutting a short fringe and smoothing with straighteners.


Up High

After loosely curling straighten hair pull hair to one side and intertwine yellow string in between three cornrows. Then pin the curled hair to create a Mohawk repeating the same on the other side.



On short-cropped hair, blow dry hair until its smooth and sweep hair up high, moulding into desired shape. 

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