Hair junkie

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From sleek ponytails to cool flat tops – do your hair your way!


HAIR: Jamie Stevens at Jamie Stevens Hair

PHOTOGRAPHY: Barry Jeffery

MAKEUP: Dragon

FASHION: Bernard Connolly

PRODUCTS: Matrix Haircare


Flat Top

Give Kid and Play a run for their money with this high flat top. Simply sleek up slightly textured hair, shaping the back and top for this cool finish.


Pony Club

Reinvent your ponytail by wrapping fabric around the root to create this towering effect. Then add colour extension to the back of the ponytail for a flash of colour.


Twirl of Hay

Get this look by taking medium sections of hair, attaching kinky hair extensions and fishtail braiding the tresses loosely. Then pin the ends around the head to create a crown of texture.


Razor Blunt 

Sharp cuts on long hair looks just as great as short bob’s. Ensure the ends are cut blunt and cut a short direct fringe to add edge.


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