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For the aspirational modern woman of colour.

Pride has been the lifestyle bible of the woman of colour for more than two decades. Pride is unique, blending multiculturalism with modern UK living. Pride is the face of black Britain.

Pride brings out the very best in its readers, who strive to be the best in every area of their very demanding and colourful lives.

The Pride woman is very aware of her cultural background and eager to retain and promote her identity. However, she is also fully integrated within the British cultural society.

The Pride woman is a well-educated, ambitious go-getter who has overcome the carelessness of her flirty freedom years. More than 50% of Pride readers have completed a degree. She is focused and responsible. Striving to be the best in both her personal and career life, she is now more confident and cultured. She is aware of her attributes and has learned to use them well. She is opinionated but always open to new ideas.

Pride has fed the spirit of the woman of colour for the best part of two decades, offering information that is important to her, such as career, health, hair and beauty, and advice on issues ranging from dealing with cultural racism to updates on the latest braid sprays – issues that are not found in any other lifestyle title.

By advertising in Pride, companies speak specifically to the woman of colour through her medium and join the celebration of all that she is. Because when a Pride woman sits down with Pride, she goes on an exciting journey of cultural self-discovery with her best friend, who understands where she is coming from and – most importantly – where she is going.

For more information in how to advertise in Pride Magazine please email sales@pridemagazine.com

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